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Confession: When I first suggested you celebrate prom again, I was inspired by Micki.  You remember Micki, don’t you?  With your help in the Raffle for Life, we helped Micki raise over $1,000 for Relay for Life!  When I saw that Micki was preparing for prom, I started thinking about how we could celebrate prom season, too…


Then, my beautiful cousin Micki was crowned Prom Queen.  Awesomesauce! It’s only right that we kick off the promenade round up with a few words from the Queen 😉


From Micki: I seriously had an awesome time… and to think I was not going to go. The first photo is of my date and I on the back of OUR TROLLEY. Our group was rollin’ in style. We were doing the wave in honor of the royal wedding which was that morning but it was a ~foreshadow~ to the second picture in which I was waiting in line for the photo booth (as the newly-crowned Prom Queen. How that happened, I don’t know. But people bow to me now. So). After prom we went on Lake Michigan cruise along the city. It was awesome to see everything lit up. The picture that followed is the obligatory yacht ride picture.


From Tina:  Here are Mal and I back in 1998. I took him to my senior prom as a freshman. It was very scandalous!


From Kelly: Fun to note:  That dress is borrowed from a good friend of mine who wore it the year before.  She is about 5’3″ ……  I am 5″10.  Who knows how that actually worked – but obviously I am wearing the flattest shoes I had!


From Julie: Senior prom photo!  We totally didn’t plan to have almost all of us wear pink, but that’s how it turned out.  I lovvvved my dress and our little ‘group.’

prom (1)

From Amanda:  I wanted to go to prom with my high school boyfriend but he refused to dress up and go with me! (He was a sophomore when I was a senior and didn’t know everyone) I was super bummed but ended up going with my best guy friend. We had a blast. We rented a limo and drove around Los Angeles, had prom in a high rise L.A. hotel and spent the night acting like total goof-balls. Going with a friend made it less forced and more fun! We loved it. I was actually really glad I didn’t go with my boyfriend who hated dancing, dressing up and being goofy. He would have been a drag!

Here’s a hilarious photo of me posing in my multi-colored dress. I still love purple but that dress was hilarious. I only wore the tiara for fun. I didn’t end up wearing it to prom!


From Sarah:  My prom was in 2004, and I attended it with my then-boyfriend now-husband Adam.  I got to spend the early part of my day at the salon with a few close friends getting our hair done and chatting about how happy we were that we were almost done high school.  We gathered back together at my future-in-laws house for a delightful send off.  We arrived to a beautiful outdoor cocktail hour (have you ever seen Billy Madison? remember his pool? That’s where our prom was) and had a delightful dinner under a big white tent.  All sorts of John Hughes-esque, 80’s music montage prom fun.

Picture 1100_2397

From Courtney: I had been dating a guy for about a year, had gone with him to his prom when I was in my junior year, and was expecting to attend both our Christmas formal [a big deal at our school] as well as my prom [an even bigger deal] with said boyfriend. The end of September rolled around and he decided that he didn’t want to be with me anymore, which left me high and dry, without a date to the Christmas formal [people snatch up dates EARLY for that!] and with no idea who I would want to take to my prom. I didn’t want it to just be anyone — this was my prom!

My best guy friend at the time was already taken by my best girlfriend for both dances, and so I didn’t think I would be able to attend the Christmas formal in late November, and was quite distressed about my June prom. I was telling my troubles [via MSN messenger, obviously] to a friend who had just begun attending my church, and who, at the time, I thought was gay [he’s got quite the keen fashion sense …]. He told me not to worry, that he would be my date to both the Christmas formal in less than two months, as well as my prom. And while we were at it, why didn’t I just go to his prom with him too?!

By the time prom rolled around, we had been “officially” dating for three months. Fast forward four years after our prom nights, and we’re planning a wedding. Our wedding. Now, five years after we walked down that red carpet into an Arabian Nights themed party, we’ve had our own big [even better!] party, said “I will”, and will be able to tell our future children that their grandmothers were each others’ maids of honour, and we were each others’ prom dates, oh so many moons ago.


From Katie: To be completely honest, I don’t remember all that much! I dated my (now) husband all through high school and we went to every dance together (boring, I know!). And, we usually always teamed up with my best friend, Rachael and her man. Hah! So really…all of our dances kind of run together in my head even though high school wasn’t all that long ago. Yikes!

I do remember spending hours sewing my dress (I finished it the morning of the dance), taking the obligatory dance pictures – always fun, dancing with all my pals, and trying to pin together one of my friend’s vintage dresses (which she had stepped on and torn) with bobby pins (and yes, we were successful!). ^_^


Representing the gentleman, the fabulous Evan!

sophomore year promsenior year prom junior year prom

From Sarah:  Here are my prom pictures! i had so much fun looking for these. 🙂
sophomore year is me with my boyfriend at the time…i actually went to all 3 proms with him.  junior year i’m in the front row in the orange-ish dress – i was on prom court! and senior year that’s me with my sister outside in our yard – i was going for a crazy fun look – i had dangly hot pink earrings and had my hair all wild with glitter, lol!

Our retired healthy living blogger friend, Lara!


From Heather: This is fun! This is me and my best friend Bethany before our senior prom in 1998. Of note: Bethany’s tan lines, Bethany’s fake nails and our white eye shadow. We had dates, but definitely had more fun together!


From Emily: My senior prom was probably one of the most defining moments my high school and college years.  8 years ago I was convinced that it would be unacceptable for me to go single to my prom (even though I had the year before).  The prom itself was fun enough, but I’d convinced my younger sister’s best friend (and default prom date) to take me, a decision which destroyed my sister’s relationship with both of us for years.  We ended up dating for the summer, but broke up when I left for college in August. A long, dramatic, messy break up.  We’re all getting along now, but it was a very rough road.


From Nicole: Here are two photos from my Prom in ’06. I bought my dress from a local vintage shop for $30 and wore some of my grandma’s jewelry. I loved the fact that my dress was one a kind and someone else at the dress wouldn’t be wearing the same thing. The second picture is of me and my high school boyfriend. I totally miss getting dressed up for fun events like this! This has gotten me thinking about doing an adult prom with some of my friends…I just have to convince them now!



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  1. Cole

    This was too much fun, thanks for letting me play along! 🙂 I especially loved hearing everyone’s stories

  2. Rebecca

    I never went to Prom (no, I don’t regret that decision), but my sister just went a few weeks ago (Junior, dating a Senior). We get Friday off—called a teacher-service day, but everyone knows it’s Prom. My sister and two friends spent the entire morning at our house getting their hair and makeup done. I hung around and watched. They looked great, and they had fun, which was good. The pictures my mom took made me smile. 🙂 But I never had any interest in going. Not my thing. I’m happy my sister had fun, though.
    Rebecca recently posted..One down…

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