Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

Music to Live To

Music I love to run to:

Slower songs than normal.


Lately I’ve found myself craving a slow jam while hitting the pavement rather than music that makes me dance, especially during training runs. 

Top Five:
Monsters to be Named  – Eliot Fitzgerald
Stronger – Sara Evans
Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
The Tent – Justin Friello
Night Swimming – REM

Music I love to write to:

Wakey! Wakey!

I’ve enjoyed Wakey! Wakey! for a long time; one of my favorite music choices when I’m letting words flow from my finger tips. [Start with Brooklyn if you want to be inspired.]

Music I love to play on the Juke Box at the bar:

Classics which leaving you singing along.


Top Five:
Saturday in the Park – Chicago
Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow
Rocketman – Elton John
I’d Die for You – Bon Jovi

Music I love to listen to no matter what I’m doing:

Wild Adriatic.

So much so that I can’t for the life of me pick a favorite song.  It changes every hour, I feel.  [TJI: Wild Adriatic’s The Lion EP is available for $4.95 on ITunes! Seriously – go download this. You can thank me later]