Why Don’t You: Celebrate Prom, Again

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Spring time, you are upon us and high school girls across the country are giggling with glee. Sharing pictures of the dresses they plan to wear with her lunch table buddies.  Instructing boyfriends on corsage choices and colors. Making plans that mean the world; what time should I book the salon?  Where are we going to go after the dance?  Should I wear trendy heels or go with flats in order that I don’t tower over my date? [No? Just me?]

In my small Wisconsin high school, every high school student was invited to the prom, not only upperclassmen. [Otherwise, I fear, there may have been only 99 people in attendance.] This fact along with my dating a guy from a neighboring school my sophomore year, allowed me to attend five proms throughout my high school years.  Five nights of fond memories full of fun.


If you ask me, it’s time to get some of that prom inspired fun back in our lives.

4 Ways to Celebrate Prom as an Adult:

1. Girls night in! Convince your best girl friends to join you for movie night.  Wear your favorite pajamas, but your hair in an up-do. Do each others make-up the way you would your Junior year of high school. [Who wants to come over for white glitter eye shadow?] Watch Pretty in Pink and swoon over Andrew McCarthy.

2. Girls night out! Convince your best girl friends to wear the same color they wore to their prom, and head out on the town to get your dance on.  Request songs from “way back then” and if you’re feeling extra gutsy, head to the karaoke bar to sing these tunes yourself!  It’s time to dance the night away, again.

3. Touch base with your prom cohorts. Don’t feel it necessary to contact your high school sweetheart?  Understandable. Don’t forget about the other people you danced the night away with.  Send a note to the girls who helped you get ready and their dates who made you laugh through dinner.  Paste old photos of your “group” on facebook and tag away.  I did this recently; an easy way to celebrate past memories and start contact with those friends you’ve not talked to for several months. (or, um, years. ahem.)


4. Share your prom stories. Take the time to retell the stories of your prom experiences with friends.  Think about how the first step into the dance made you feel; were you excited, terrified, delighted, or broken hearted?  No matter if you had a movie-like prom experience or an upsetting night you once wanted to erase, your story deserves telling!  It’s a memory imprinting your life and though now-a-days it prom is no where near the top of the ‘Importance Scale,’ at one time it probably was!  

Now that you’ve seen some of my own prom experiences, why not share yours?  Tell me a few sentences about your own prom memories.

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11 thoughts on “Why Don’t You: Celebrate Prom, Again

  1. Kayla

    You were/are so cute!! I went to two proms, one sophomore year which was AWFUL and one senior year which was FANTASTIC. 🙂 I’ll probably email you. 🙂
    Kayla recently posted..Almost there!

  2. Caitlin

    I don’t know what I love more, the reference to white eyeshadow (ohmygoshdidIrockthatHARD) or you amazing fluffy dress. I think Cher Horowitz has a pen that would match it PERFECTLY for signing autographs after you’re signed queen.
    Caitlin recently posted..On Paint

  3. Cynthia (It All Changes)

    I must find a scanner. My prom was ridiculous. I went with a guy I hadn’t seen since elementary school because my friend arranged it all. I was going to college early and didn’t want to spend the money. Funny thing is one of my best friend married the guy she took too prom after being scared to date him.

    They tried to drag me back for senior prom but I was in the middle of finals.
    Cynthia (It All Changes) recently posted..The Other Organics

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