Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

Wanted: Your Advice

Because friends share, and I consider you my friend, won’t you give me some advice in these two areas?

1. Usually when out and about, if drinking you’ll find me with a glass of red in my hand.  This weekend I decided to get a start on my “Order 28 drinks I’ve not had before” list.  After staring at the wall of bottles and thinking about the drinks I HAVE tried, I finally ordered a whiskey sour.  My first thought? “eh.”  My second thought? “This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.” 

Tell me friends, what drinks do YOU suggest I order this year?  What do you like to order when out on the town?

2. I finally purchased a new Blackberry. [It has been a LONG time coming.] Now that I have it, of course I am eager to fill it with the good stuff.  After all, isn’t that what smart phones are for? 

Tell me fellow Blackberry owners, what applications should I download ASAP?  [Anyone want to exchange pins and be BBM friends?]


A few weeks ago, I had a bit of trouble sleeping.
Okay – that’s a flat out lie. 

One night, I tossed. I turned. I tossed some more.  I stared at the wall.  I drank a glass of water. I got up to pee. 

I tried laying with my head at the foot of the bed.  I tried laying on the floor in my bedroom, then the living room, and for 2 minutes I attempted the kitchen floor, too.  I tried laying in each of the recliners with the TV off and then with the TV on and then with the TV off, again.


I tried reading the dictionary, a cookbook, some Jane Austen, Donald Miller, and a few magazines.  I read the remaining 150 pages in order to finish a novel.  I tried reading books with large print and with small print, too.  I wrote a letter. I did the dishes. I counted sheep, and goats, and Presidents.

Nothing I did made me sleepy; but a lot of it made me smarter more knowledgeable.

What I learned in one night of INSOMNIA!
[alternatively titled: late night television and women magazine lessons]

  • Jeopardy is played on my local ABC affiliate at 1:00 AM.
  • One episode included a category named “Snacks on a Plane.”  ahem.
  • The category “The Ex-Files” has nothing to do with celebrity divorcees, unfortunately.
  • I am better at Jeopardy at 1:00 in the morning than I am at 4:00 in the afternoon. 
  • For a boost of energy, try Camel Pose.  According the July/August 2009 issues of Health, it opens your chest, giving your lungs the ability to bring in more oxygen.  The act of bending backward is said to stimulate your adrenal glands, “revving you up.”


  • I am coveting the Martha Stewart Deluxe Crafters set on HSN.
  • Also, Martha Stewart says a lot of random things after 1:00 in the morning.  Maybe she needs an espresso?
  • She’s also a bit of a bragger.
  • March was national craft month! How did I not know this!? Crafter Fail!!!!
    [I did do SOME crafting in March, so all was not lost, I suppose.]


  • I have no patience for commercials post prime-time.
  • I would like to be best friends with Jimmy Fallon.  Okay, so that’s not new knowledge, but it’s worth reflecting and repeating.
  • True Hollywood Story (THS, but not that THS) is not only available for viewing on E!, but also CW.  The “E!” has been removed from the title when viewed on other networks, it would seem.
  • New research has found that doing online puzzles, like Sudoku, can decrease stress and improve your mood! (From Real Simple 09/08)


After reading that little tidbit, I did a few Sudoku puzzles (in the decorative book my sister gifted me) and drifted fast to sleep.  From that point on my night was full of the most pleasant dreams and sweet, sweet slumzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.