Tour de Soft Serve

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Last weekend, I was so honored to attend Fussy Little Blog’s Tour de Soft Serve with my dear friend Jen.  [You can read about Jen’s Soft Serve experience, too!]

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Daniel did an AWESOME job planning what I affectionately called the “Soft Serve Crawl.”  We took time pre-soft-serve-stuff-yo-face-age to discuss the different categories we were to judge each location.  Jen and I were both super impressed with the thought that went into planning the tour!

Ten of us total were in attendance, and while the taste testing was grand, and the comparing delightful, I was most excited about walking away with a few new friends in the Capitol District of New York!

Jen and I decided before arriving that we would put the “healthy” in “healthy living blogger” [hey, we had to represent 😉 ] and pledged to split a kiddie size cup at each location.  I think this was the best idea we’ve ever had – it kept things low cost (we paid less than $11 total for all five of our ice cream stops), and total throughout the day we probably each consumed what was equal to one medium sized treat.  Score for this healthy decision!


On the Farm on Urbanspoon


Our beginning location was On the Farm. Nothing like knocking it out of the park from the get go; this place knew how to get it done.  I was especially a fan of the vanilla here – it tasted like vanilla and not at all chemically.  The chocolate in comparison was not super rich, which pleased me.  I was half expecting it to be over powering, but instead it was the right amount of punch.  Together, the chocolate and vanilla were the perfect mix of creamy goodness! The texture was SPOT ON in my opinion.

104_9859104_9857self 99 

On the Farm got extra points from me in the setting and character fields [not that they were categories on our score cards.]  I loved that the stand was set back off the road, and there was plenty of seating for all the happy little visitors who would come throughout the day. 

Also, the owner took time to talk to us, answering questions about their soft serve process and what he believed made his business stand out in the sea of soft serve stands in the CDNY.   I LOVED hearing this guy talk about his business and do all he could to make sure we had a pleasant experience.




Our next stop was Guptill’s Coney Express.  Guptill’s is especially interesting because it is attached to a roller rink!  [I see another CDNYEatDrinkBlog field trip in our future 😉 ]

Guptill's Coney Express on Urbanspoon


104_9869 104_987099.365

I was a fan of Guptill’s bright signs, and friendly staff.  I was not a fan of our scenery: a large parking lot.  Not much more could be expected with the popular rink location, however.




In terms of taste, Guptil’s measured as A-okay. I didn’t like the texture as much as I did at On the Farm, and the vanilla was nothing in comparison.  That being said, the soft serve experience wasn’t negative, and if I visited again, I wouldn’t deny myself the pleasure of indulgence.


A short drive into the country led us to non-other than Country Drive In.  The location was pleasant, set outside of town, and the crowds were a plenty – it took us all a few minutes to find parking here; such a popular space!

Country Drive-in on Urbanspoon

104_9883104_9887 104_9889104_9888

Country Drive-In didn’t offer kids cups (we had our suspicions it was because the small was so small), so Jen and I agreed on a cone dumped in a dish. 


Upon first (and maybe second) taste, the vanilla was such a delightful, fluffy texture lending to the ultra-sweet taste.  At first, I thought I was a fan of the difference; but as I continued to taste, the novelty wore off. The chocolate and vanilla were not the same texture, which made a lot of us tilt our heads and say, “hmmmmm.” Also, perhaps because of the unique vanilla texture, this seemed to melt rather quickly.

104_9882  104_9901104_9897104_9895

The greatest part of Country Drive-In was the location.  On a sunny spring day, we were all happy to leisurely sit together and discuss a large number of things.  I had such a delightful time with these wonderful people!





For the biggest disappointment of the day, the beloved Kurver Kreme was our next stop.  I’d heard about Kurver Kreme from a handful of locals, and wasn’t at all surprised when we arrived to a long line of visitors.

Kurver Kreme on Urbanspoon


The best part about Kurver Kreme?  The Kiddie Cup was only $1.25.

kurver kreme icecream

The worst part? As Andrea put it, “it just tastes cold!”  Both the vanilla and chocolate were basically flavorless, and the texture was nothing to write home on the blog about. Womp. Womp.




Jim’s Tastee Freez was another strong contender, as my second favorite stop for the day. It was a great way to end our tour, for sure!

Tastee Freez on Urbanspoon



Love love LOVED that the kiddie cups were dixie cups.  Cute!


The texture, vanilla, and chocolate scores all ranked well for me here.  Looking back, I think Jim’s Tastee Freez may have perfected the “exactly what I am expecting when I ask for a twist.”  It wasn’t overpowering, especially impressive, or lackluster.  And the location was a great place for us to discuss our thoughts of the tour over all and tally up our scores. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!  On the Farm, HANDS DOWN!!! [If I never see another twist soft serve dish again, it will be too soon!]


Be sure to check out Daniel’s summary of ALL of our scores, and my new friend Danika’s recap of the day, as well.


After nearly four hours of soft serve crawling, Jen and I made our way back to her place to spend a quiet evening at home, writing and relaxing before our big race the next day.  Of course, the sugar crash got the best of us, and some napping may have taken place of writing on my part.  What can I say?  As Kurver Kreme knows, you win some, you lose some! 😉

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  1. Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

    MAN I wish I could have gone with you guys! That sounds amazing. And believe it or not, the huge ice cream connoisseur that I am, I have never had On The Farm!! Guess I know where I’ll be heading for my next ice cream stop. 🙂
    I’m surprised that they didn’t include The Snowman???
    Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life recently posted..Shopping Fun with Mom

  2. Alison

    This is genius! I’m not a big ice cream person, but SOFT SERVE is a whole different story. *LOVE*. I may need to arrange something like this for myself this summer…

    Also, you probably hear this all the time but you have really cute handwriting 🙂

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