Mar 142011
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How to make Mondays Marvelous:

Set up a weekly enjoyable event to happen on Mondays.  Instead of dreading Mondays, find a way to look forward to them by scheduling something fun each Monday.  Sign up for your favorite class at the gym, make a date with a friend for coffee, have a movie night – whatever it is that makes you happy, do it on Mondays!


Treat Yourself on Mondays.  My friend Tina is a firm believer in Cookie Fridays. Instead of being crazy indulgent the entire weekend, Tina celebrates each Friday with a special treat-  Cookie Fridays are a great way to keep your indulgences in check.

As someone who is losing weight, not only does having one day be "treat day" help  to mentally track how much "treating" is taking place during the week, but usually if I know I am going to be treating myself to something special, I will make sure to eat extra nutritious for the remainder of the day.  For example, if I plan on having a Margarita Happy Hour after work, I will load up on produce and whole grains for breakfast and  lunch – packing in as much healthy stuff as I can before the sugary-sweet goodness of a Fiesta.


Recently I’ve decided to start making Monday’s my own version of "Cookie Friday".  Celebrating with a treat on  Monday helps me to fight off the weekend temptations, knowing that anything I come across can be savored in just a few days. 

How often have you REALLY wanted to pig out on something, only to taste it and it be disappointing?  How about your craving for a sprinkled donut waved in front of your face on a Saturday morning, and when you do take the time to indulge its not what you expected?  Holding off until treat day helps you to REALLY make a great decision of what quality treat you really want to indulge in.


Monday task lists:  On Friday’s at the office, I take the last 10-15 minutes of the day preplanning my Monday.  You don’t have to have a conventional office job to reap the benefits of this; people who work at home or in other professions can definitely try this trick too. This will make Mondays to do list a lot less daunting. 

Sometimes I come into work and start my list of things to do and am OVERWHELMED by how much is building up. I prefer coming in Monday morning and being able to DIG RIGHT IN to the week without having that 15 minute of task listing (and the 20 minutes of slight anxiety over the list) taking up most of my hour.  I’m trying to get in the habit of doing this at the end of every work day (and even at the end of every session I log doing freelance work) – but ESPECIALLY on Friday afternoons at the office.


Monday Dare – Dare yourself to a Monday challenge.  It can be a different one EACH Monday or a standing Monday challenge. This Monday, I will make sure to be extra cheerful as I answer the phone.  Monday I will smile at everyone I see. Every Monday I will be extra flirty. I will visit a new park every Monday evening this Spring. What can you be dared to do?


Monday Soundtracks – The Monday soundtrack is key.  Kelly Clarkson, Oldies Hits, GLEE soundtrack – upbeat, happy songs are the way to go on Mondays.  Also, on Mondays I ban Dave Matthews from my IPod/computer.  I have a few "Monday" playlists which basically consist of songs that either make me want to dance, sing-a-long, or both.  I save the acoustic sad music that makes me want to take a nap (perhaps my favorite music) for Tuesdays.


What are you doing to make Monday Marvelous??

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  23 Responses to “Make Today a Marvelous Monday”

  1. DO NOT TELL THE HUSBAND but I love my mondays.
    the return to the routine.

    the semi-emptying of the domicile 🙂

  2. Having something fun to do on Mondays is sooooo helpful! I used to LOVE watching Monday Night Football with my dad, so all during football season, I loved Mondays! 🙂

  3. Love that Eleanor Roosevelt quote…she was a smart lady 😉

  4. Great post! I am a HUGE believer in the Friday afternoon to-do listing — I actually try to get a handle on the entire coming week on Friday afternoon. I write EVERYTHING down so that I don’t have to “hold it” in my head all weekend — if that makes sense. I get it all down, make a game plan, and then go enjoy the weekend. Makes Monday morning a LOT more manageable!

  5. I LOVE this post! Just what I needed to see this morning.

    My boyfriend and I moved into our house last June, and because of relocating I had to quit my job. I’ve been searching for a job since then with no luck, so Mondays are hard for me in the opposite way that they are for most people in that I’m not returning to a routine.

    To be honest, not having a job has made me feel kind of useless, so instead of letting myself wallow I use Mondays to tackle tasks that might have gotten overlooked on the weekend. I also try to make my time of unemployment helpful to others, like running errands for family members that are at work, etc.

  6. Wow I absolutely LOVE this post! I love the idea of making a list of some to-do’s on Friday so you can dig right in on Monday. For me, it also helps to alleviate stress over the weekend thinking about work when I do that since I won’t forget the things if I’ve already written them down!

  7. I love limiting treats to one day too. Not to have a free for all but because, like you said, it helps me have something to look forward to but also to keep things in perspective as I try to lose the baby weight. I still have smaller treats other times, but I save something more that I crave for one time a week. I really get to enjoy it then too. I also agree that going overboard isn’t enjoyable.

  8. I love your ideas, Heather. If I’m not careful, the last part of my weekend can be spent dreading Monday. Feeling prepared going into work on Monday and having something fun to look forward to are great ideas – even if it’s something as simple as meeting a friend at Starbucks after work, it helps me get through the day! I’ve never thought to challenge or dare myself, but that is an awesome way to get yourself to stretch a little outside the usual weekday box and leave you feeling accomplished afterward. I need to try that!

  9. I’ve never really had a problem with Mondays. I look forward to the fresh start every week. Tuesdays though – they suck. I try to plan something fun on those nights to help me get through the day. Great post, Heather! 🙂

  10. I love the idea of embracing Mondays. My monday challenge is to ge tin a workout. I always use my busy Sunday schedule as a reason to slack on Monday. Instead I’m going to enjoy a light workout instead of beating myself up each week when I don’t workout Monday.

  11. So many great tips! Would be wonderful if you could share a Monday playlist, I am always looking for new ideas for music, and happy music is always welcome.

    I really need to embrace Mondays, as I am sure looking at them positively will make the whole week a lot brighter!

  12. i love the idea of the friday afternoon lists! i am absolutely going to implement that! this monday is great because i’m in st. louis visiting my fiance for the beginning of this week (spring break!). i’m working at starbucks right now, which is also a great treat!!

  13. This is such a great post, full of good ideas! I also try to schedule fun things for Mondays (especially coffee dates with friends), and I really like the idea of the Monday challenge.

    One thing I do is a special post every Monday morning about things that are making me happy then. It’s a fun way for me to focus on the positive before I go into work and to remember fun things that happened over the weekend.

  14. I used to “dress-up” on Fridays. Now dressing up to me may be different from what a lot of people have in mind since I dont even own a skirt at this point, but I made sure put some more effort into my looks on Fridays.

    I would feel more confident and happy and then I realized something. I should be doing this on MONDAY!

    Now, I try to start my week off with a bang and set the tone instead of waiting until the end of the week. 🙂

  15. I make an effort to look cute today! And I felt better about the day and myself!

  16. Coffee makes my Monday marvelous, and maybe listening to guilty pleasure music!

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  18. […] yours to be had, too, you know.  You can declare today the most marvelous of Mondays. [filled with marvelous Monday music, too.]  You can name today a day to get through, and swim […]

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