Diaper Sushi: A Guest Tutorial

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I am woman in my late 20’s. It’s only natural that a lot of my girlfriends are talking babies.  Either they have the most adorable baby girl on the planet [this is not just my opinion, by the by, this is fact], they are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant constantly.  It’s no doubt that I seem to be invited to a baby shower every other week, and sending love and congratulations to dozens of women I know from one season of my life or another.  Luckily, my blend, Bekah has shared with me a fabulously fun baby gift that is a blast to put together and give!  I asked her to share with you guys, too!  I hope you’re prepared for an overload of cuteness!  Take it away Bekah!

Hello! My name is Bekah and I blog over at The Eggless Tort.

I am a woman of many random talents, one of which is making diaper sushi. What’s that, you say? Well it’s an uber-cute, pregnant-lady-friendly (and vegan friendly!) form of sushi! You may or may not be aware that pregnant women aren’t supposed to eat sushi. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting it…

In the last few years, I’ve had a landslide of friends and family having their first children and, consequently, the baby showers that go along with them. I always felt bad bringing the same type of thing to a shower (Frog Pod, anyone?), so I went looking for other options and found diaper sushi.

This is actually a pretty easy, quick project, and it’s a big hit at showers. The hardest part is gathering up all of the ingredients – you’ll need to go to a baby/department store, a craft store, and possibly a toy store.
You will need:

  • 3 shirts/skirts/pants/onesies/washcloths/etc. – I prefer to do a California Roll, with orange, green and white, but for a gender specific shower, you can do shades of pink or blue like I did for this demo
  • 1 pack diapers – you’ll only use 15-20, depending on how small you make the sushi
  • Something to use as a base for the filling – here I used baby Uggs, but you could also use small bottles of baby shampoo/powder
  • Fish toy – I’ve used a stuffed fish (which are often VERY difficult to find), a fish bath toy, or a fish bath faucet cover
  • Green ribbon – I use Wrights Satin Blanket Binding, which unfolds to the perfect size (it’s in the notions section at Joann’s)
  • Felt squares – 1 each of green and pink (you can also use foam sheets) – you only need a small amount
  • Diaper pins, safety pins, or thread and needle/sewing machine
  • Chopsticks
  • Tray – I often use a cheap plastic platter, but have also used sushi plates

The basic idea is very easy to change up. I’ve done this a number of times now, and each time I’ve done it differently.

Start with your ingredients. This is the fun part – you get to go look for all of the cute little things. I insist on getting tutus for any girls, so that is my must. You can really mix up these ingredients to fit your personality and the personality of the mother.

I like to do the sashimi first to get it out of the way (also because it’s easier). Basically, you take a stack of diapers – approx. 5 or 6, and put the fish toy on top of the pile.

Then you take the ribbon/blanket binding, unfold it, and wrap it around both the fish toy and the diapers.

Secure the ribbon with safety pins, tape, or something similar. This part will not be visible, so it doesn’t need to be pretty.

Congrats! You have made a piece of diaper sashimi. Put the sashimi on the tray and lets move on to the California roll. This is definitely the more difficult part of the construction, and it’s likely that you will need a (human, though the cats love to help!) partner. I have done it alone – it’s possible, but significantly more difficult.

The first step for this roll is to lay a base. I used the baby Uggs as a base. Then arrange the clothing ingredients in a California roll type setup. Here, I just folded them, then mushed them around until it looked somewhat like a California roll. You’ll be able to arrange the clothes further once you’ve gotten the “rice” set up around them.

Next (this is where the partner comes in), layer the diapers around the clothes, overlapping approximately half of each preceding diaper, until you have completely surrounded the clothes.

To tie everything together, you can use string, twine, packing tape, etc – whatever your preference is. Have your partner help you hold everything together tightly while you secure the tie (or use your legs to surround it if working alone).

Unfold more ribbon and wrap it around the “rice,” then secure. I used safety pins for this demo, but I usually use cloth diaper pins. You could also sew the ribbon shut, if you prefer.

At this point, you are mostly done. Arrange the clothes so they aren’t sticking out oddly and reshape the roll to make it more round, if needed. Then place the California roll on the platter next to the sashimi.

Now for the accessories. Cut small squares (approx. 3 inches wide) out of the green and pink felt (or foam).

Fold the green felt so that it somewhat resembles a square/rounded square — this is your wasabi. Secure using tape, staples, glue, etc. Pinch the pink square in the center, then gather the fabric — this is your ginger. Secure using tape, staples, glue, etc.

Straighten up the rolls, add some chopsticks and any other sushi accessories you’d like, and voila! You have created diaper sushi! 🙂

(doesn’t that little fishy have such a sad, pathetic look? I just want to reassure him that I’m vegan and he will survive the day…)

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