Why Don’t You: Collect Box Tops

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I feel a special tie to the community in which I attended high school.  Lodi, Wisconsin is a small Midwestern town, not far from Madison, and although I was only in the Lodi school system for just over six years, I feel forever connected to the entire Lodi Education Program.  When I was an education major in college, I spent some of my hands-on classroom hours in various classrooms in the Lodi School District and to this day, I still check out the School District news every few months or so.  I have a sort of Lodi pride that will forever been engraved on my soul.

For the last several years, I have been clipping Box Tops for Education to send to Lodi Elementary School.  I keep an empty envelope on my bakers rack in my kitchen, and cut the Box Tops coupons from the packaging of various products as I use them, adding them to the envelope over time.  When I have a significant amount of tops collected, I mail them to Lodi Elementary School.


A friend once asked me why I send my tops to school far away, instead of giving them to the school in my community.  My answer is simple: I can’t attend bake sales, or carnivals, or other fundraisers in Lodi very often.  I make an effort to give to the local school district as often as possible, but by sending my Box Tops away to Lodi, I am investing, even a small part, in a school district that I hold close to my heart.

A few notes about the Box Tops for Education Program:

A few tips for collecting Box Tops:

  • Keep an envelope or jar in one specific place in your home or office to keep the Box Top clippings together.
  • Keep an eye out at work, for products in the office that may have Box Tops you can clip before packaging goes into the trash.  I have cut Box Tops from label boxes and Ziploc bag containers.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for others’ Box Tops.  Consider putting out a memo at work that you are collecting them.  When I live in Texas, I was once cutting out a Box Top at my office desk when a client walked by and asked if I had a school I was supporting. I told her about Lodi, and the next time she was in the office, she brought hundreds of Box Tops.  Turns out she had been collecting them for quite some time but she didn’t have a place to donate them.  People are more willing to help you support your causes than you may imagine!
  • If schools in your community are not involved and you don’t have a school in mind, consider asking a friend who teaches if their school district is involved in the program.

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12 thoughts on “Why Don’t You: Collect Box Tops

  1. MaryBe

    Thanks for the PSA, from another now-collector! I just cut my first one off of a box because of this post. The school in our district is big and I don’t feel like they need them, so I clicked your link and the school district where we have our cottage collects them! They are very small and for most of the year very economically depressed so I’m happy I can help in some small way.
    Thank you for posting about this! I too have seen them and never gave them a thought
    MaryBe recently posted..Pancakes and Sloppy Joes

  2. Danielle

    What a nice thing to do for L-town.

    My school just did a big push for collection, and ended up with over 60,000 collected! A few from everybody really adds up!

    You can also collect soup points from Campbell’s, and some dairy brands have points on milk caps and cottage cheese containers.
    Danielle recently posted..Wonder

    1. Heather Post author

      You can search for the school on the Box Tops website, and get the address of where to send them on there. When I first started sending them, they even told me whose attention to put the envelope too – I think it’s different for each school!

      You could always call the School District office and ask them where you can send them, as well 🙂

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