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Jan 282011


Dear friends,

If you listen to ONE THING I tell you, ever, on this blog-space..If you head my advice to do one thing, and one thing only -  please listen to this:

Make this salsa.
It is easy.
It is delicious. 
No, it is phenomenal.
Trust me.  Make it.  Make it soon.  Make it and eat it. Try it with these chips.

You can thank me later.



  10 Responses to “Listen”

  1. Thanks love! You’ve just reminded me to make the salsa too!
    Jessica @ How Sweet recently posted..Apple Risotto with Toasted Pecans

  2. Excellent idea! Especially since I have a strong dislike for raw tomatoes — I can handle a FEW of them in salsa, which is why this, based on lovely apples, is a perfect solution!
    Bethany @Bridezilla Bakes recently posted..Miso Chicken Stir Fry

  3. my fiance JUST told me that he wants us to try making salsa! perhaps i will suggest this recipe. :)
    Sarah (Sarah Learns) recently circle dot dot

  4. YUM! I will make it.
    Becca recently posted..Breakthrough

  5. Consider it done :)
    Heather recently posted..So what

  6. I am a self-declared HUGE salsa fan. This speaks words to me. I will make. And I will LOVE!
    Allison @ Happy Tales recently posted..Marathon Game Plan &amp My First official Long Run

  7. You’re pretty passionate about that salsa! I’m intrigued…
    Runeatrepeat recently posted..Confession Thursday– Taco Stuffers

  8. yum!! looks great.
    Alicia recently posted..Hungry for more Hunger Games!

  9. How did I not see this salsa on Jessica’s blog? It looks fantastic!
    kate recently posted..Yoga FAQs

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