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day 5

Since I first decided that I would be cutting back on the amount of television I watch in the new year, I have felt myself begin to change. I have noticed that I haven’t been searching for the remote, and I am filling my evenings with other activities than TV viewing.  This excites me, as I believe it’s a sure sign that I am making this decision for the right reason – because I want to – and not because I “fell like I should.”

Instead of re-watching episodes of Criminal Minds I’ve seen 5 times, I’ve been relaxing in other ways at my apartment each evening.  I finished a book [that I started in may], I spent time cooking soup [to load up my freezer], and I’ve been going through my large collection of unread magazines.


I currently subscribe to four magazines; Martha Stewart Living, Family Fun, Fitness, and, thanks to my friend Laura who gifted me with it, Whole Living [formerly Body & Soul].  As I was reading through the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, I found myself making a mental list of actions to consider in 2011. 

I always find inspiration on blogs, and I just love finding motivation, ideas, and tips for new things to try from print media, too!  Here’s a few things that MSL pointed me to add to my 2011 consideration list.


Page 30: Action to consider: Infusing my own vodka. 
I had thought about doing this before, after seeing one of my favorite foodie bloggers, Taylor, make bubble gum vodka and a BIG KID cocktail, but after seeing MSL’s awesome list of infusions, I started daydreaming about my own THS approved flavor combinations.  I am excited to get experimental in my liquor cabinet! 


Page 112: Action to consider: Bake bread.
Confession: When Heather, Julie, and Evan hosted Macaroon Monday to encourage getting adventurous in the kitchen, facing the battle of the recipes you always feared, I thought about bread.  But I let fear win, and I didn’t even allow the thought to become words in vocal or written form.  I just moved on, pretending not to notice the dozens of bloggers trying their hands at what had previously intimidated them.

Coming across Life of a Loaf in MSL pushed me to reconsider.  Not only does Chad Robertson share his basic loaf recipe, but also 7 recipes in which to use the bread for the following week.  The article highlights what kind of recipes are best with fresh bread, day old bread, and week old bread.  I am a thrifty chick that doesn’t like to waste food, so the idea of being able to use the bread in several ways, for several days, was really appealing to me.  I may just need to take the bread baking leap.


Page 133: Action to consider: Adopt more.
MSL has a list of “10 feel-good things to do this January and all year long” which fit perfectly in my unintentional search for inspiration.  One of the items on the list (#9) was a favorite; learn one activity each month which takes concentration and coordination, such as knitting, hula hooping, juggling, etc.  I love the plan of giving your brain a work out as you learn new activities and will definitely be on the look out for new activities I can try!


Do you still read any print media?  What magazines, newspapers, and journals do you most find inspiration and ideas from?

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15 thoughts on “Consider Print Inspiration

  1. Katie H

    I may need to borrow that mag from you- it is chock full of great ideas! 😉 Love the inspiration you are finding from it. I do still read print media, though I’m transitioning away from the mags I’ve read for years (self, glamour) to ones that reflect my interests more (Real Simple, Runner’s World, Shape, Yoga Journal, Cooking Light).

    Love this series!
    Katie H recently posted..Ringing in the New Year- A Healthy Alternative

  2. Cynthia (It All Changes)

    In college I had friends who only ate homemade bread they made in the dorms. I loved to watch them make it each week but it terrified me. It’s the yeast thing. Now I can’t stop staring at magazines with articles on how to bake bread. I agree that Bread Baking day would be fun.

    I tend to read the same types of print media that all talk about the same topics. To relax lately I’ve sat in the B&N magazine section and looked for new magazine to try. It’s fascinating.

  3. Bethany

    Ah, bread baking — yes it is SO intimidating! I had a friend who walked me through it the first time, which really helped. Do you have a stand mixer? That helps (although, the kneading is probably part of the appeal for some people…).

    Real Simple is obviously a great one for this kind of inspiration! Their suggestions are usually really doable and beneficial.
    Bethany recently posted..Caramelized Apple Cobbler on an Oatmeal Cookie Crust

  4. Carly

    I am very much a magazine LOVER still! Fresh Home is by far one of my favorites for home decorating inspiration…I also enjoy BHG, the nest, and real simple!!

    1. Heather Post author

      What a lovely surprise to come across a comment from YOU, my friend! I also love BHG & Real Simple! (I think RS is my ALL TIME FAVORITE magazines, ever.)

  5. Jenn

    I loved that edition of Martha…. hubby is teaching me how to make bread since he is the baker in the family.
    I was given a gift subscrition of Martha and I love it. I also get Eating Well and Mary Janes Farm.

  6. Paige @ The Gravy Boat

    I am definitely going to buy Whole Living magazine. I’m always inspired when I read it in the store. The idea of learning one activity each month that involves coordination is intimidating! I started crocheting a “Harry Potter scarf” (ummm…badly.) for my boyfriend, and it’s highly neglected. I need to start from scratch because this one is so incredibly misshapen, but I’m scared to try and figure it all out again. This post has me alllmost motivated…
    Paige @ The Gravy Boat recently posted..Jumping On the Garlic &amp Honey Bandwagon and How I’m Not Really Hardcore Enough For This

    1. Heather Post author

      it can be intimidating! I started with something i already KNEW how to do, but havent done in a while: Sudoku! i’ve been doing a few “medium” difficulty puzzles and day, and will be working my way into the “hard” section of my book in no time!

      i learned how to knit several years ago, but never made much progress. “knit a scarf” is on my list of 101 in 1001 though, so I am going to be picking that back up again soon! Thankfully, Kelly from is a REALLY great knitter! she even did some tutorials on THS for handmade christmas which I plan on referencing when I try again!

      1. Paige @ The Gravy Boat

        The whole two needle thing in knitting was totally overwhelming to me when I attempted it (I sort of think my coordination leaves something to be desired…). I’ve been playing on lately, though, and it makes me think I should start watching some tutorials and (maybe, just maybe…) try to finish the scarf.

        I haven’t done Sudoku in ages! Fun times (but tricky.)!
        Paige @ The Gravy Boat recently posted..Jumping On the Garlic &amp Honey Bandwagon and How I’m Not Really Hardcore Enough For This

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