Craft Time: Workout Journal

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My dear, sweet, friend Cynthia of It All Changes has been getting her craft on in time for Christmas.  She has brought her love of healthy living together with her love of crafting to provide this fabulous Handmade Workout Journal tutorial. Take it away, Cynthia!

It’s the holidays and with that comes lots of food and snow and lots of desire to sit on the couch with no motivation for working out.  Let’s be honest; the weather is a bit scary and so is your schedule.  We can all use a little motivation this time of year and all year long.  Writing out my goals is a big motivation so why not do the same with your workout goals…Handmade Christmas 2010 style.


Handmade Workout Journal

You’ll need:

  • 1 small journal
  • Old magazines you can cut up
  • Vinyl Tape, 1/4 inch any color
  • 1 click pen
  • 1 glue stick
  • 1 index card
  • 3 post-it index tabs
  • 1 self-adhesive laminating sheet
  • Small Cute Stickers *Yes, the cute is important


1.  Inside back flap of journal, line bottom corner with glue.


Place index card in corner and press along edge.


Close book and allow it to dry.  This will hold your special motivation so be sure to only glue on edge…we need lots of motivation.

2.  Using vinyl tape, start at bottom of the pen and wrap overlapping slightly.

Stretch the tape to ensure that it lies flat.  At top cut excess and press flat onto pen.


3.  To attach pen to book – so you don’t lose it at the gym – cut a piece of vinyl tape 12 inches.  Fold in half and attach to itself leaving 1/2 inch available.


Place pen inside loop at fold before finishing.


Attach to inside of back cover with the 1/2 inch that remains.


4.  Cut inspirational pictures and phrases out of old magazines.


Note: Be sure to cut more than you think you’ll need to allow for placement.*                   

Use glue stick to apply pieces covering entire notebook.  Allow to dry for at least 1 hour.


*Learn from my mistake…Start with larger pieces and build to smaller so they over lap easier.*

5.  Follow the instructions on you laminating sheet for best method.


Place closed journal on partially revealed laminating sheet, being sure to leave 1/2 inch available for sealing edges.


Open cover and slowly roll to adhere.


*Note: Learn from my mistake…make sure to hold laminating sheet taut to prevent folds and bubbles.*

6.  Trim edges leaving 1/2 inch around all edges.  Cut corners at angle and cut a slit at binding.


Fold edges in, long sides first.  The clipped corner will leave a perfect edge.

7.  On index tabs write names of types of exercise you use, such as Cardio/Cross-training, Strength Training, and Running.  Section the notebook and place tab on the edge to mark the section.


*Note: Learn from my mistake…do not place tabs on before laminating.  They will stick to the laminating sheet.

8.  In the back pocket place cute stickers for motivation.


Aren’t we all motivated by shiny stickers?

Now you have instant motivation…or at least a way to record your workouts.


Ideas for use:

  • Write down intended workouts for the week and give yourself a sticker when you complete them.
  • Record increases in mileage, time or weight and give yourself a sticker.
  • Write options for workouts from blogs, books or the internet on separate pages.  Give yourself a sticker when you do that workout.

Notice a pattern?  I’m really motivated by stickers.


Having a record of your successes is great motivation to keep moving.  You can do it…I know you can.

Do you keep a record of your workouts?

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10 thoughts on “Craft Time: Workout Journal

  1. Melissa G

    Cute idea! I would love to try to make one! It’s a great gift idea!!

    At the moment, I keep track of my workouts on I guess you can say its like Facebook for people that like to workout. 🙂 You can keep track of your workouts (any workout you can think of) and you can motivate others, while trying to motivate yourself. Check it out!

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    1. Heather Post author

      Hooray! Glad you like the idea. You should tweet/instagram me a photo of your journal when you make it 😀 @thenheathersaid

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