Felt Cupcake Ornament

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Nov 272010

Handmade Christmas 2010 Ornament week, is coming to an end.  But not before I show you the sweetest ornament yet!

The inspiration for this super cute cupcake ornament came from my favorite baby on the planet.  After Baby A, Danielle’s daughter, won 3rd place in a costume contest at a Halloween party this October, I started sketching out some ideas for recreating the adorableness in Christmas decor form.  Of course, my tree ornament doesn’t hold a candle next to Baby A in the world’s cutest cupcake contest…


Materials Needed:

  • Scrap Paper
  • Two colors of felt, in my case, pink & grey
  • Marker dark enough to show up on felt
  • 8-12 small buttons, multicolored
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • 6 inches of ribbon



Step 1: Make a template for yourself with your scrap paper.  I simply drew a cupcake wrapper and a cupcake top.  This pattern makes the cupcake top look A LOT smaller than the wrapper, but as you will see below, there will be an overlap which even things out.


Step 2: Using your marker, trace cupcake pattern on to felt. You need two tops (pink), and one bottom (grey).

Step 3: Cut out your three cupcake pieces out of felt.


Step 4: Attach 4-6 buttons on each of the cupcake tops, as sprinkles.

  • Note: You want to make sure that you are putting the buttons on opposite sides of the felt piece.  To assure this, match the pieces together and add the buttons to the outside layers.


Step 5: Make a loop with the ribbon.  This will be what you use to hang the cupcake. A simple stitch at the bottom of the loop should do for now. Later, you will be attaching it to the ornament which will secure it further.


Step 6: Here is where you layering takes place.  Place the grey felt and the ribbon into the middle of the two pink top pieces, as shown.


Step 7: Hand stitch pieces together, going along the outside of the pink pieces of felt.  Sew through the grey piece when you are along the bottom of the pink pieces.  Sew through the ribbon to securely attach it for hanging, as well.


Great job, crafty champion! You deserve a cupcake.


  • Have you signed up for the Ornament Swap!?!? It’s not too late.  Check out the THS Ornament Swap post to learn how it works, then send an email including your name, mailing address, and the amount of ornaments you’d like to swap to thenheathersaid@gmail.com before December 1st. Also – please advise if you would be willing to ship to US, Canada and/or internationally!

  5 Responses to “Felt Cupcake Ornament”

  1. So sweet :)

  2. So sweet :)

  3. Heather, I love your swap idea. I may just take part!
    And that cupcake is so so cute..both the baby & the craft!

  4. Heather, I love your swap idea. I may just take part!
    And that cupcake is so so cute..both the baby & the craft!

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