Nov 222010
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The love affair with buttons continues…


I found an instruction-free image for a snowman and Santa button ornament on Martha, and decided to try my hand on putting some together on my own.  After I put a few together, I dreamed up that darling little Christmas tree.


Putting these ornaments together was really simple!  Here’s how I made the Santa ornaments.


Materials Needed:
Wire (I used jewelry making wire)
Buttons (standard, with at 2 or 4 holes)
– 2 medium, skin color of your choice (let’s see some ethnically diverse Santa’s!)
– 1 large, black
– 1 medium, black
– 1 small, black
– 1 medium, white
– 3 extra small, white
– 2 large, red
– 5 medium, red
– 2 small, red
– 2 extra small, red
– 2 tiny, red
-2 extra tiny, red



Step 1: Start with a 10-12 inch piece of wire.  Fold wire in half.

Steps 2 – 24: Begin stringing buttons in the following order, one on top of another, with both sides of the wire:


medium black
extra small white
extra small red


small red
medium red
large red


large black
large red
medium red


medium red
2 extra small white

2 medium skin colored
medium white
2 medium red

small red
extra small red
2 tiny red
2 extra tiny red

Step 25: Twist the wire into a loop to secure buttons will not slide off, as well as give ornaments a device to hang on the tree without a hook.

The Christmas tree and snowmen were made the exact same way.  You could also make an Elf (Buddy, anyone?) using green and yellow buttons in place of red and black.

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  15 Responses to “Button Craft: Stacking Ornaments”

  1. OMG! My mother loves Santas and has issues with the cats and ornaments that might break. I may have to make a couple of these for her.

  2. I made the snowmen yesterday!! I thought they turned out really cute. The only difference in mine was that I used pipe cleaners instead of the plain wire.

    I was planning on making a tree, but alas, not enough green buttons. And no red ones either for the Santa’s. I will be hitting up the craft store this weekend I think for those.

  3. These are so cute! I kind of want to turn one into a necklace 🙂

  4. I love these button Santas! Where did you get all the buttons… or did you have them already?

    • Thanks, Alison!

      I was lucky enough to come across some large old button collections a few years ago, at good will and garage sales. I also buy clearance/sale packs at craft stores – like Michael’s, Joann’s, or Hobby Lobby.

      You can even find little bag sets of buttons by color (or a variety pack) at places like Wal-mart in the sewing section, usually near the thread.

  5. This is the most precious Christmas craft ever. I love your skin color diverse Santas, too!

  6. I would say that a nacklace or earings would be adorable. Especially if you got some smaller buttons to do it with. I need to pick up some materials and start making christmas crafts. My hands are aching to make something.

  7. Great idea! These would be great gifts if you had a whole group of people to make for and needed them to be relatively alike. Still, each one would be unique.

  8. Super cute! You’re a crafty superstar 🙂

  9. OMG these are absolutely adorable!!!!

  10. What a cute idea these are! I am a craft addict and have made christmas tree air freshers for gifts this year along with smore kits! I absolutely adore your blog. I am your newest follower!


  11. I love those santa ornaments and the trees! Too cute!

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  13. These are amazing!!!

    Love love love them!

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