Epic Milkshake

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I’ve mentioned before that I was born in Chicagoland. I lived there until I was 12, which surprises most people.  Actually, I think the part that surprises people is that I lived in Illinois for 12 years, and Wisconsin for 8.  Because of my intense love for Wisconsin, I think most people assume I was born and raised in the great dairy state. [THS fun fact: I’ve also lived in Louisiana and Texas, before moving to New York.]

When I decided that I for sure would be attending Healthy Living Summit, I knew that my trip to Chicago was going to be extra special.  A lot of my extended family lives in the greater Chicago area, and knowing I had an afternoon free before the Summit officially started, I contacted this lovely lady, my cousin, Micki.


And by cousin, I mean my first cousin once removed – this means she is actually my mother’s first cousin.  [growing up this was always a struggle to remember what the removed explained, but since the wonders of the internet, I have come to rely on this wikipedia page often to  help explain it to others.]

When we still lived in Illinois, and Micki was a baby, my mom was her daycare provider while Micki’s parents (my great-uncle Bob and great-aunt Cathy) were at work.  So, for a while, Micki was at our house every day, which made her a little like a baby sister.  In 1995, I wrote Micki a letter.  When I was in Chicago, she brought the letter with her to show me what I had written.

104_4576We were especially entertained by my use of “How rude!” a la Stephanie Tanner, near the end there.

After the exchanging of some gifts, we headed out for a late lunch with the gorgeous Danielle of A Nourishing Glimpse.  Danielle and I worked on Blogger Secret Santa Swap last year, and it was a pleasure to finally meet this sweet woman!  Can you believe we failed to get a photo together on our lunch date?  Blogger fail, much? However, later than evening, we had our photo taken with Beth and Shannon, two other fabulous women I adore.


Now, back to lunch. Micki was determined to help me cross something off my 101 in 1001 list while I was in town, and #88 – “drink a milkshake with two straws” seemed to be the winner.  She did some research and found that Epic Burger, which happened to be just a block from the hotel, had one of the best vanilla milkshakes in the city.

Reasons why I would say that Epic Burger is awesome.

1. Basically this quote from the Epic Burger About Us page sums it up:

petroleum-based packaging, by buying from as many local merchants as possible and, of course, by using energy efficient equipment and recycling. In short, by serving “a more mindful burger.” “

[to read more on Epic Burger, check out Kelly’s review]

2. My burger was, as expected, epically delicious.

3. Any small business that uses social media to connect with patrons gains a win in my book.  They have a large monitor on the wall in the restaurant, displaying tweet deck, showing off people who mention them in tweets.  See anyone (or two) familiar?


4. Milkshakes = Choices.  When we ordered a vanilla milkshake, we were offered a choice between ice cream or fat free fro-yo.  Then we were offered a choice between soy-milk, skim-milk, or whole milk.  As contradictory as it may sound, we chose ice cream and soy milk. Best. Decision. Ever. It was so good!


One milkshake? check.
Two straws? check.
Mission Accomplished.

Epic Burger on Urbanspoon

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6 thoughts on “Epic Milkshake

  1. Danielle

    Mmm… A milkshake sounds tasty right now (even though it’s still morning).

    I love the letter you wrote to your cousin! And that she has kept it for so long.

    Also, the LHS button is a nice touch!

  2. Micki

    God help me, I look like a total spaz. Then again it’s not like I’m not actually a spaz so I’ll get over it… Thanks for the memories and for putting me in the blog! 😀 I love the last picture. <3 Soy milk + ice cream 4 eva <3

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