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Apr 132010

I’m sure if you’ve been reading THS for a bit, you are aware by now that I am a self-proclaimed rambler.  I ramble. I’m wordy. And I make no apologies because I like it.

Today three people told me that I leave the best comments ever on blog posts.  I don’t know if this is true, but I would agree that if there was an award for length of comment, I would be in the running to take home to grand prize.

Today I wrote a two page long comment on Julie’s blog. You can read my comment here

IMG_0964 copy.jpg_scaled.jpg



Usually, you can find my long comments on Jessica’s Blog
like here, for example.




Sometimes I get a bit ranty opinionated along with my rambles.  Have you seen this post by Caitlin?




yeah. I like words.

  7 Responses to “Rambly McGee”

  1. This is true.


  2. So I should be expecting long comments from you? Yes.

  3. So I should be expecting long comments from you on my blog? Yes.

  4. I’m always comforted whenever you tweet that you just left a long comment. I certainly come no where close to you in the length of my replies, but I find that I frequently end up writing a paragraph, post the comment, then realize that everyone else left nice little one or two sentence comments – and then I’m embarrased and assume that the blogger is going “wth – why does she keep talking?”
    So now I can just say “I’m like Then Heather Said… that’s right I’m that cool!” And they’ll say nuh’uh… and I’ll go like pshaww.
    In any case. I don’t like bacon either ;-)

  5. I love your comments :)

  6. I love the long comments. It’s like coming home :)

  7. Sorry for 2X comments, It was weird.

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