Nov 092009

My Monday.

Next week we seem to have a training going on at the office. People from various branches coming in to learn things.
I am feeling a bit overwhelmed today, as my to-do list seems to keep getting longer faster than I can cross anything off.
And I want a soft pretzel and bbq.

OK. Apparently I thought that it was okay to be all cranky – Sorry about that.

I’m going to make a few claims here, so that I am better kept accountable:

-I will blog. everyday this week. (i already have a list started of topics I want to cover. a few things I’ve promised more info on, product reviews, giveaways, and of course my Boston Trip and Race Re-cap from this week, just to name a few.) This is not a “to do” as much as a “get to do” as I love blogging and this fabulous blogging community we are all apart of in one form or another.

-I will get some sort of activity/exercise in my life every day. Because I am quite sure it is the only thing that will keep me sane when work picks up.

-I will not purchase any BBQ Kettle Chips. (this is a promise i made to myself while eating lunch with Laura, yesterday- as I am quite certain i could eat a full bag of them every day for the rest of my life, and that is just not healthy.

-I will continue to tell myself I am going to completely unpack from this weekend, and if it does not get done, I will not get upset 😉

OK. SADLY- thats all the time I have for the blogging for now.
but i didn’t want to leave you with out a little teaser of whats to come here on the blog. Let’s just say, I miss these two so very much already:

Stef & Laura showing off their Road ID’s at our 5K

Creating a list always helps me regroup and stay focused. [i may have 4 lists on my desk RIGHT NOW]- What do you do to help you on super busy or stressful days?